Become an Edge Benefits Advisor

Here are a few reasons why becoming an Edge Benefits advisor may be right for you:

  1. Guaranteed Issue on most products = 100% return on effort
  2. As earned commission structure = No charge backs.
  3. Strong renewals = Build a complimentary vested income stream for your retirement.
  4. Help provide your clients with the Financial Security that they need and deserve.
  5. Guaranteed Simplicity in everything we do.
  6. Best Sales Consultant Support in the Industry = Makes you look good.
  7. Electronic Enrollment Capability which makes the application process easy.
  8. Customer Service and Claims Concierge Services that deliver a world class experience.
  9. Best in Class Products from leading Canadian insurers.
  10. Our role as an Advocate for our clients and advisors is a core principle of our Mission, Vision, and Values.

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